Miles Morales: Spider-Man #21

Marvel Comics

Written by Saladin Ahmed

Art by Marcelo Ferriera

Inks by Wayne Faucher

Colors by David Curiel

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Miles and company have one chance to take down Ultimatum, but victory will come at a cost.

Ultimatum and his army of Goblinoids are tearing up Brooklyn and Miles’ team have them on the ropes. Miles rallies his team with Captain America taking point and bringing them together, but Ultimatum has some tricks up his sleeve to neutralize one of Miles’ abilities. As the fight rages on, Cap gives Miles some advice that helps him take out Ultimatum, but the villain is not ready to call it quits yet.

Starling and Bombshell are getting swarmed and Prowler takes on Green Goblin. After removing Cap from the field, Miles is face to face with Ultimatum who still plans on sending him and his family back to where they came from. With his machine in hand, Ultimatum prepares to activate it and remove Miles Morales from this dimension, but Uncle Aaron has other ideas.

The Story: Saladin Ahmed brings this particular arc to a satisfying and emotional conclusion. Ahmed brings a new maturity to Miles and his interactions with Captain America show the hero is evolving. The story has some great action beats throughout and great rising tension that ultimately pays off with a great ending that filled with heart and emotion for the character.

The Art: Marcelo Ferriera delivers some fantastic art throughout this issue. There are great visual moments and details in every panel and visual thrills throughout. Great imagery punctuates a great story and the final few pages are emotionally riveting.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #21



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