copyOfFirstPage._SX1280_QL80_TTD_ (2)Mera: Queen of Atlantis #1

DC Comics

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by Lan Medina

Inks by Richard Friend

Orm is telling his young son stories from the past. He is recounting the tales of Atlantis in order to remember them himself as he leads a new life on the surface. He finds that the life he is leading is a happy one and is engaged to be married to a surface woman and become a step-father. He thinks about the chance circumstances that led him to his new life and a report on television brings him back into his old life when he hears news about the civil war in Atlantis and what might have happened to his brother.


Mera finds herself in a battle against The Eel. A battle that threatens Amnesty Bay and the civilians gathering to witness. She does her best to end the fight quickly, but she’s injured and he is taking advantage of that with every blow. As she begins to pass out, she recalls the life that she had with Arthur and the choices that brought them both to where they are now; separated and fighting to return to each other. After taking out the villain, she calls in the League to pick him up with Superman and Wonder Woman remaining to try to get some answers.

With her options to return home slim and the magic that injured her keeping her from breathing underwater, Mera decides to try a different approach to keeping both the surface and Atlantis from coming into conflict. Mera decides to visit the US State Department to get answers and plead for understanding and patience from the government. At the same time across the country, Orm is conflicted about what to do as he watches his soon to be wife and son play outside. He makes a decision that could have huge repercussions to everyone’s lives.

Mera’s appearances in the Justice League comics have been well done and she is getting some much-needed character development. The first part of her solo story reflects that as well. It is well written with some great call backs to Mera’s history with Arthur and her training as well. I really enjoyed the conflict in Orm and I want to see how that plays out with Atlantis in the vulnerable position it’s in. I also want to see how he and Mera clash when they finally meet. The pacing is a little clunky at points, but it’s a good story overall with some great art by Medina, especially the action and fight scenes.

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