The actors and creative forces behind the galaxy’s newest adventure introduce you to the heroes of Star Wars Resistance.

Set before the events of Star Wars The Force Awakens, Resistance follows the adventures of a young Resistance spy sent to a remote fueling station by General Leia and Poe Dameron. Creator Dave Filoni explains more about the characters and the plot of the new series in the video below.

Resistance fighter Poe Dameron tasks young pilot Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono with spying on the First Order. At the time, little was known about the secretive organization and its strength.

In order to fulfill his mission, Kaz travels to the space station Colossus, which is being used by many ships as a port to refuel and do repairs. However, there are also dangerous races taking place there. After Kaz bragged with his piloting skills at his arrival there, he is soon drawn into one of the races…

Star Wars Resistance premieres Sunday, October 7 at 10pm ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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