Masters of the Universe: Revelation #3

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Tim Sheridan

Art by Mindy Lee

Colors by Rico Renzi

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: Evil Lyn’s origin’s are revealed.

A young Lyn is chased by villains meant to do her harm. After an escape she hides from her enemies in a series of tunnels. She then meets Magestra, who promises to teach Lyn magic, but only on a certain condition. She then gives her an important lesson on how magic works and the overarching effects it has on its users. When she grows older, Lyn returns to exact revenge on her enemies. After a deadly confrontation, she is rescued and taken in by Skeletor. The two then return to Magestra, where a violent altercation occurs. Lyn then begins to unlock the force of her magic and sees something unexpected.

In the present, Skeletor discusses the Orlax with Evil Lyn and Beast Man. He then uses a telepathic device to search for the Orlax, while evading the presence of the Sorceress. But his connection is broker when he discovers Evil Lyn has seen a vision. Before he can reconnect to the device, introducers attack Snake Mountain.

The Story: Sheridan has created a well-crafted origin story for one of He-Man’s deadliest enemies. This story not only explains Evil Lyn’s history, it gives an insight into her character and unyielding devotion to Skeletor. The beginning narration is interesting and well thought out. And I loved Magestra’s original lesson on magic. In my opinion, it speaks to the use of any ability or purposeful task. I felt it was a lesson on staying true to yourself. I have really enjoyed this series, and look forward to the next and final chapter of this saga.

The Art: Lee uses a modern youthful styling that in their drawings that is highlighted by muted color work. The emphasis on character expression really connect the reader to Lyn’s struggles. I thought the overall artwork was visually pleasing and perfectly captured the tone of the story.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation #3



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