Mass Effect: Andromeda Coming to EA Access and Origin Access in March

Many gamers, myself included, have been anxiously awaiting any news about the fourth installment in the Mass Effect series of games. Well, BioWare has confirmed some information that will not only please the faithful, but could bring in a new set of gamers to the franchise. 


BioWare and EA announced yesterday that subscribers to the EA Access service will be given early access to Mass Effect: Andromeda on March 16. Today, they announced that PC gamers would not be left out because they will also have an early trial available on Origin Access likely on the same day.

In addition to the confirmation of early access, BioWare is also giving Mass Effect fans a gift of sorts. One of the things that continue to stick in the craw of many gamers is purchasing a title and then having to shell out almost the entire cost of the initial game purchase on Downloadable Content (DLC). BioWare seems to be getting away from the practice of season passes and possibly offering free content. While there is no confirmation of this, when asked about a Season Pass for the game, BioWare GM Aaron Flynn tweeted “Nope”.


Are you looking forward to Mass Effect: Andromeda? Will you take advantage of the early access when it becomes available? Let us know.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released on XBox One, PS4 and PC on March 21st.

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