Marvel's X-Men Drama Continues to Take Shape with New Casting Announcements

Showrunner Matt Nix (Burn Notice) has been building the cast for his X-Men television for Fox and many of the picks are genre television alums.


Stephen Moyer has been cast in one of the lead roles as Reed, the patriarch of a family with two teenage children who discover that they are mutants, causing Reed and his wife to take extreme measures to protect them. Moyer is a mostly well-known for playing Bill Compton on the HBO series True Blood for seven years. Moyer most recently starred in The Bastard Executioner from Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter. (Coincidentally, Moyer is married to X-Men actress Anna Paquin aka Rogue.)


Another genre alum has been cast as Reed’s wife Kate Stewart. Any Acker has been cast as Kate, who is estranged from her husband and has to find strength that she didn’t know she had when confronted with the new circumstances that she and her family find themselves in. Amy Acker is a veteran of the Joss Whedon universe having starred for four years on the series Angel and Dollhouse. She has also been featured on episodes of Person of Interest as well as the mysterious cello player that captured Agent Coulson’s heart on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hynes White have been cast as the couples children Lauren and Andy. Lind most recently played the character Silver St. Cloud on the Fox series Gotham and Hynes White most recently featured in Night at the Museum 3.


Some new and familiar X-Men characters have been added to the cast as well.


Jamie Chung was already reported to be cast as Blink, a mutant with the ability to teleport. Jamie Chung has starred in the last two Hangover films, played Mulan on the ABC series Once Upon a Time and most recently starred as Valerie Vale on the Fox series Gotham.


Additional Mutant casting news has been revealed as well.

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Blair Redford has been cast as Sam, the Native American leader of the underground network of mutants that th e family goes to for help. Redford recently starred in the series Switched at Birth for ABC FreeForm.


Sean Teale joins the cast as Marcos Diaz, a newly created mutant known as Eclipse, who has the ability to absorb and manipulate photons. Teale recently starred in the SyFy series Incorporated.


Today also brought news that another X-Men veteran character has been added to the series. Emma Dumont has been cast as Lorna Dane aka Polaris. Polaris is a strong-willed mutant who can manipulate magnetic fields. Dumont recently starred in the series Aquarius.


Nix has gotten a lot of his cast together for the series that already has a season order from Fox. He is currently writing the script for the series and the first episode will be directed by X-Men film director Bryan Singer.

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