Marvel’s Luke Cage


Season 2 Episode 11

The Creator

After witnessing the aftermath of the new Mariah Stokes first act of revenge, Luke and Misty contemplate what they should have let happen to the woman. What’s even worse is that they can’t prove that it’s her, except Luke discovers that someone survived and is in the wind.


In a secret location, Bushmaster is fighting for his life as Tilda tries to treat him with the synthetic nightshade they provided her and the scene shifts to Bushmaster’s past in Jamaica and his first run in with Mariah Stokes and Cottonmouth. He also witnesses his mother dealing with Maybeline Stokes regarding the rum company and Harlem’s Paradise before he’s interrupted by Mariah.

This episode is all about Bushmaster and it serves as a means of humanizing him as Mariah becomes increasingly unglued. It’s almost ironic that Mariah’s estranged daughter is the one tasked with saving the life of the man who vowed to destroy her entire family.


What is also ironic is that with everything Shades has done to protect Mariah, he finally starts to develop a conscience and guilt. Especially when confronted with the reality of his own choices. It doesn’t help that Mariah confronts him about a secret he’s been keeping from everyone, including himself.

Getting back to the Bushmaster story, we get to see the events from his perspective and the visuals are effective, especially when an event happens after the death of his mother that starts him on his path or revenge.




This is a good episode. It ties up some stories and changes the narrative for others. It’s going to be interesting to see how the events that close out this episode play out with the upcoming finale.



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