Marvel’s Luke Cage


Season 2 Episode 10

The Main Ingredient

Bushmaster has escaped and is on the run. Mariah has her money and her club back along with a new sense of purpose and desire for revenge. Luke is dealing with a city full of people looking to him for help because they are scared of what is happening in the streets. So you know what this episode needs?

Heroes for Hire!!!!


Danny Rand comes to Pop’s to visit his old friend and we get some Heroes for Hire action as Danny and Luke start to investigate Tilda’s disappearance, the source of Bushmaster’s power and how Luke’s powers differ from Bushmaster. Both Luke and Danny work well together and they seem to seamlessly fall into a banter and ease of talking with each other that fans of the characters are hoping for.


Both of them confront Mariah at Harlem’s Paradise and Luke gives Danny a lesson in privilege as Iron Fist wonders why no one wants to fight them. At the same time, Misty catches up Nandi and the two have it out as she tries to escape. Admittedly, the interaction is anti-climactic considering the building tension between these two the entire season.


Danny and Luke are the focus of this episode and it has been worth waiting for this season. They work really well together and the fight they have at the tail end of the second act is awesome. It was a little clunky at moments, but the overall momentum of it was executed well. On the flip side, Mariah is embracing her true nature while she sends a message guaranteed to bring Bushmaster out of hiding. A message that gives Shades pause as it’s executed in front of him.

There are some great call backs in this episode and it shows some growth in Luke now that he’s shed some of the anger that was holding him back. He and Danny really forge a believable bond in this episode and I want to see it grow and develop.

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