Marvel’s Iron Fist


Season 2 Episode 6

The Dragon Dies at Dawn

Misty Knight decides that it time to get some answers. With both Mary and Joy in custody, the detective decides to grill them for answers about Davos. After getting the information that they need, they decide to go after the Crane sisters to see if there is a way for them to reverse the ceremony that stripped Danny of his powers. After the ladies leave, Mary frees herself and offers Danny and Ward an opportunity to track down Davos.

Marvel’s Iron Fist

Davos is still going through his kill list of Triad locations and Misty and Colleen have a heart to heart about Colleen’s future. Ward and Joy finally hash out their respective crap and frankly, the entire exchange made me dislike Joy more. She comes off as a spoiled, whiny princess pretending to be smarter than she actually is and it’s a disservice to the character on that level because it makes her weaker. Danny learns more about Mary and her alternate as Colleen and Misty track down the Crane sisters.

Episode 6 has some great pacing and an awesome conclusion. It does a great job of bringing the conflicts in this season to a head and gives each character a moment to confront either their actions or their motivations. There are some great action beats in this episode as well and the fight between Colleen, Misty and the Crane sisters is exactly the kind of thing this season needed and exactly what Colleen needed for character development. Danny’s confrontation with Davos was well done and all of the confrontations do a great job of bringing the issues out so that the conclusion can move forward without anything holding it back.

Alice Eve is great in this episode and her rendition of Typhoid Mary is amazingly nuanced and tragic. It’s a great move on the part of the producers to not cast her as the main villain because it gives her character and pathology the ability to work with both factions on both sides really well.

Marvel's Iron Fist S02XE06




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