In the wake of recent events, studios and theaters are making changes to both when and how they will release upcoming films. Marvel Studios has become the latest entity to shift its release schedule to allow for its upcoming Phase 4 slate of blockbusters to reach the largest audience possible.

Black Widow

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The first solo film for the super spy Avenger, was scheduled to be released May 1st of this year. It will now be moved to November 6, 2020 while Disney’s live action Mulan and Jungle Cruise move to July 24th and July 30th respectively.



Eternals was originally expected to be released November 6th of this year. With Black Widow taking its release date, the newest team of live action Marvel heroes will be moving to next year with a release date of February 12, 2021.



The shuffling of dates for both Black Widow and Eternals means that the Master of Kung-Fu will be moving to a new date as well. Shang-Chi will take over the release date for the upcoming sequel to Doctor Strange on May 7, 2021.

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness


The Doctor Strange sequel will move to the release date formally held by Thor: Love and Thunder. The Sam Raimi directed sequel will be released November 5, 2021.

Thor: Love and Thunder


The mystery Marvel Studios film expected to be released February 18, 2022 will now be reserved for the fourth Thor adventure and follow up to Thor: Ragnarok. Taika Waititi is returning for the film which will also feature the return of Natalie Portman as Jane Foster.

Black Panther 2


The currently untitled, Ryan Coogler directed Black Panther sequel will be the only film on the slate that won’t be changing its release date. Black Panther 2 will continue to be released May 8, 2022.

Captain Marvel 2


Disney had a release date set aside for a live action film, but that date will now be taken by the upcoming sequel to Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers will return in Captain Marvel 2 July 8, 2022.



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