Mark Millar and Greg Capullo’s Image Comics series Reborn is coming to the big screen from producer Sandra Bullock.


Reborn tells the story of an 80 year old woman who dies in the hospital only to take up in a much younger version of her body. Not only is she reborn and reunited with old friends and loved ones, but she finds herself in a fantastical land of monsters and dragons locked in an endless war. Unable to find her husband who died before her, she sets out to find him with her childhood dog and late father.

Reborn was written by Mark Miller, creator of Wanted, Kingsman and the upcoming Jupiter’s Legacy. The series was illustrated by Greg Capullo who is currently illustrating the DC Comics event series Dark Nights Death Metal. Both Millar and Capullo will serve as executive producers.


Bek Smith has been tapped to write the adaptation. Smith came from the Marvel writers program. She is currently working on a spinoff of Into the Spider-Verse as well as adapting the DC/Vertigo comic 100 Bullets.

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