In a dramatic bit of late breaking news one of the stars of the hit Disney Plus series The Mandalorian has been let go.

According to multiple sources including The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, the actress known for playing former Rebel and current New Republic Marshall Cara Dune has been let go from the series with no plans to employ her in the future.

The move comes after controversial social media posts from the actress which have been removed amid the controversy. Carano rose to fame as an MMA fighter who transitioned into acting roles in films like Deadpool before becoming a member of the Mandalorian cast. She was set to be the lead in the upcoming spinoff series Rangers of the New Republic, but those plans have been scrapped.

There is no word yet on whether the character of Cara Dune will be recast or if the character has effectively been removed from the Star Wars universe. There is also no word on who will lead the upcoming Rangers of the New Republic series.

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