Misty Lee is an accomplished magician, voice over artist, performer and writer. She has entertained audiences on the stage as an illusionist and her regualr gig as the staff Seance Medium at Hollywood’s Magic Castle.


Some of her voice acting roles include Aunt May and Squirrel Girl on Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man series and Big Barda on DC Super Hero Girls. She also provides voices for popular video games including Star Strike for the Skylanders series, Princess Leia in Star Wars: Battlefront, Talia McGovern in Fallout 4 and Agent Daisy and Ivana Bangya in the recently released Agents of Mayhem.

misty lee

Next month you can catch Misty Lee along with comedian Funny Eddie and actress Kija McCain at the Comedy Central Stage for a hilarious stage show titled, Hey Dere, Kiddies! It’s Princess Magic. The show is about what happens when a child’s birthday party takes an unexpected turn when the scheduled magician doesn’t show and the job is filled by a drunk and wayward vagrant.

The show is free and will be held September 14, 2017 at the Comedy Central Stage on Santa Monica Boulevard from 8:00pm – 9:00pm. Follow this link to register.


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