Lovecraft Country


Season 1 Episode 10

Full Circle

After receiving the Book of Names, Atticus and company attempt to use it to cure Dee, but Tic and Leti get caught in it instead.

Both wake up in rooms bathed in flame with manifestations of people with a connection to the book informing the pair about what they need. It also gives Atticus a moment of remembrance that is heartfelt and emotional as Tic learns to embrace his destiny. As they gather in the other realm, the four begin the process of healing Dee, but that healing comes at a price for the young girl. In the aftermath, Tic has to convince Montrose that they have to take the fight to Christina if there is any way to stop her while Leti works on remembering the spell she learned before leaving the other realm.

The next part of the plan will require the strength of the ancestors as Tic and Leti summon the man who started it all, Titus Braithwhite back to get something from him they will need for the next part of their plan. Unfortunately, bringing Titus back signals to Christina that Tic has the book. It’s another poignant scene where Tic must both confront his past as well as let it go to move forward. It’s a powerful scene that Majors nails.

In another powerful scene, Hippolyta and Dee reconcile their reality with some magic of their own as Ruby confronts Christina about the fate of Atticus and decides where her loyalties lie. The reconciliations continue with Tic meeting with Ji-Ah to apologize for how he treated her. It’s a good scene that gives that chapter of the story a place to close while also signaling that something ominous is going to happen to one or both of these characters.

The finale of the episode brings everyone back to where it all started and the lightness of the journey is beautifully contrasted by the darkness of the destination as the final battle between Christina and Atticus leads to the deaths of some key characters and a change in circumstances for others. It’s a powerful, visceral and shocking conclusion that had aspects that I loved and some that I didn’t as I witnessed the sacrifice of another black male on the literal alter of white supremacy.

Lovecraft Country closed this first season with some beautifully, thought provoking moments and left me with a stirring desire for more.

Lovecraft Country S01XE10



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