Little Monsters #1

Image Comics

Written by Jeff Lemire

Art by Dustin Nguyen

Colors by Dustin Nguyen

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: A group of special children navigate a desolate world while hiding an interesting secret.

A group of kids wander the barren wastes of a city. Some concentrate on music. Some play games. Some draw and others make the best of their isolation either by being alone or playing with others. Yui reads everything that she can find from everywhere and stops when she sees Lucas sitting at the edge of a destroyed bridge playing his guitar alone. The twins Ronnie and Raymond play at the top of a building daring the other to jump off. A prank that will injure one, but not severely.

As the other children play tag, Billy gets bored of the game and laments that there is nothing else to do. That they should leave the city and move on. An idea that gets shot down as he’s reminded that they are waiting for the Elder to return. As they’re time outside gets shorter, one of the kids goes missing and Billy goes to look for him. A trek that will bring a revelation about just how alone the children are and what is so special about them.  

The Story: Lemire crafts a beautifully engaging, subversive story that is filled with great characters, an intriguing premise and great twists that draw in the reader. The plot is brilliantly subtle and puts you in the midst of the characters as they navigate their surroundings. You feel the loneliness and isolation that they are experiencing and the reveal at the end is perfectly executed to maximize surprise and delight.

The Art: Dustin Nguyen delivers some beautifully detailed and evocative art on every page of this issue. The characters look amazing and the settings are wonderfully dark and unsettling.

Little Monsters #1



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