Lisey’s Story

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Season 1 Episode 2

Blood Bool

Lisey returns to her routine, but the darkness of what’s happening around her continues. As she thinks back to her life with Scott, a conversation she had with her sister reveals a connection they both share and causes Lisey to question things that she had put out of her mind. She brings up a mutual habit of cutting. Something that will be a theme throughout the episode.

Amanda finds herself at the mental hospital but is seemingly unable to bring herself back from the fantasy world elements of it, especially the memory of an imaginary scenario that she shared with her sisters. Even attempts to remove her are met by resistance both from her and the others seemingly trapped in that place. It is a really dark scene in a series of dark scenes to come from this episode.

Lisey continues her Bool hunt to find another clue that Scott has left her, but first she needs to confront Dashmiel about Dooley’s threats. It’s a great scene that is filled with awesome dialogue. The confrontation brings Dashmiel back to his first encounter with Dooley and how unhinged the man is. Things get more intense as we get to a glimpse into Dooley’s obsession with Scott. An obsession that leads him to start retracing Scott’s life as Lisey thinks back on her past.

In the past we get a better glimpse at Lisey and Scott’s relationship in the early days along with hints at the supernatural themes of the series with Scott disappearing for long periods of time and just appearing again as if nothing has happened. This leads to a dark encounter between the two of them and a really disturbing scene that mirrors Amanda’s in the first episode. We also finally see the world that Scott enters and how it is the same one Amanda is caught in. We also get a glimpse at Scott’s past which is also disturbing.

Lisey discovers another clue Scott left for her as Dooley decides to pay a visit to the Landon home. DeHaan continues to play the character brilliantly to the point where I have never been freaked out by someone eating pizza before. Lisey enlists the local police after Dooley leaves her a twisted message and things gets darker from there both with Lisey and in the seemingly encroaching world Scott enters.

There is a dark intensity to everything in the episode, but it lacks some of the emotional connection that the first episode had. It moves well, but you don’t feel as connected to it either with the characters of the circumstances. The episode is visually stunning and I hope the next episode re-establishes the emotional connection to the characters.

Lisey's Story S01XE02



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