Leviathan_01-1Leviathan #1

Image Comics

Written by John Layman

Art by Nick Pitarra

Letters by John Layman

Colors by Michael Garland

They say the one person who never has fun at a party is the host. If that saying is true, than Ryan Deluca is about to be the poster child for it. Ryan and his friend Johnny are not at Ryan’s party because they have run out of beer and are on a quest to find some more. A task Ryan would not have to engage in if his friend had not invited Goth Jimmy and his pals over. As the two friends talk about the party, Ryan gets a call from his girl Vee and we discover that the young man has some future plans for he and his girl.


All of that goes straight to hell when the ground opens up and a giant kaiju dragon springs from the ground in the middle of the city. The creature starts wreaking havoc on everything and everyone as it heads towards one location, Ryan’s apartment. Desperate to save his girl, Ryan races home to save his girl only to find tragedy, destruction and the person who summoned the creature itself.

Leviathan is entertaining because it goes for all out adventure and action in this first issue. There is death, destruction and some pretty funny comedic moments throughout this issue. It looks like the momentum of this first issue is going to carry on into the next one and that can be both a blessing and a curse for this story. While the story was fun and full of action, it was short on character. Hopefully there will be more development in the character of Ryan going forward in order for the reader to find a reason to follow him and his journey.

Nick Pitarra’s art is really good. There is a great sense of fun in how he renders a character and there are some great facial expressions and details. Detail is one of the art’s strongest suits. There are fine details in every panel and the eye can’t help but ravel across the panels looking at everything, even in the moments where destruction and carnage are everywhere, there is still great attention to detail.

A fun first issue that’s a little short on character.

Leviathan #1




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