A few weeks ago, I reported that there were issues about whether ‘The Walking Dead’ star Lauren Cohan would be returning for the show’s ninth season. Today we got confirmation about her status with the show.

Deadline is reporting that AMC has confirmed that the actress would be returning to the series for the ninth season. Cohan told EW during press for her new film Mile 22 at CinemaCon; “I’m going back,” she said. “There’s a lot more Maggie story to tell.”


Cohan’s fight for a pay increase made the news after co-stars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus secured their deals to return. The negotiations got contentious enough for Cohan to accept the lead in the pilot series Whisky Cavalier for Bill Lawrence. The series is set to premiere on ABC.

Cohan’s deal comes just in time for filming of the ninth season to begin next week.

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