Kroma #3

Image Comics

Written by Lorenzo De Felici

Art by Lorenzo De Felici

Colors by Lorenzo De Felici

Letters by Rus Wooton

The Rundown: Kroma tries to survive an increasingly dangerous world as Zet’s friends begin to ask questions.

Kroma finds herself in another dangerous situation when the man she thought she could trust drugs her with the intentions of killing her to return to the city. The ghost of Zet tries to help her, but he isn’t alone as the ghost of the man who locked her away pushes her to kill.

After finding a way to escape, her rage draws the attention of one of the hunters sent to bring her back and their confrontation will lead to more violence and danger as Kroma decides to confront the king of colors only to find something else waiting for her at the mountain.

The Story: A tense and intense follow up to the dark cliffhanger from the previous issue. The story continues to take some interesting twists and turns with the character and the world of this series. I like that the rules continue to evolve as Kroma’s understanding of the world evolves and it allows me to engage more with the character and what she is facing. I also like the parallel story of Zet’s friends starting to question things as they wonder what happened to their friend.

The Art: Every page is filled with great detail and beautiful art that captures the eye and imagination.

Kroma #3



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