Writer Charles Soule and artist Ryan Browne are bringing fans of the Image Comics series Curse Words a new collected omnibus featuring all 25 issues and more.


According to the live Kickstarter and Soule: CURSE WORDS – THE HOLE DAMNED THING is the complete story of an evil wizard named Wizord sent to our world to destroy it who instead decides to hang out for a while and see what this crazy place called “Earth” might have to offer. It’s hilarious and touching, insane but also touches on deep, universal themes. The tone is like Archer or Rick & Morty, but with evil wizards instead of spies or super-scientists. NY Times bestselling author Joe Hill called it “terrific, terrific stuff,” and Nerdist said “Harry Potter can suck it… Wizord is the wizard we need.

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“Ryan and I felt that these times warranted trying to bring some magic into the world – so we created a huge omnibus – CURSE WORDS – THE HOLE DAMNED THING! 768 pages full of magic, mayhem, and Margaret in one massive hardcover, collecting the whole series plus amazing extras and backmatter, including an all-new Curse Words story by Ryan and me.” Soule says.

Many of the reward tiers  for the Kickstarter were set up as “Early Bird” versions to people like you – my loyal newsletter subscribers. Those rewards are limited in quantity, and include special lower pricing and fun things like me drawing a “War Stars” sketch in your copy, a Zoom call with Ryan Browne and me in which we will entertain you in any manner you desire, and even a chance to have us buy you a wizard van. The Early Bird period only runs for an hour, so click over now.

The campaign will run for just 30 days and once these copies sell out, that’s it! Get it while you can – anything you can do to support the campaign would be very appreciated!

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