It’s been reported recently that actor Alexander Skarsgard will be joining the Stephen King universe in the role of Randall Flagg in the upcoming Josh Boone written CBS All Access limited series The Stand. He will be the second Skarsgard to enter the cinematic world of Stephen King with his brother Bill Skarsgard scaring audiences around the world as Pennywise in IT Chapter 2.


Both brothers come from an impressive acting pedigree with their father Stellan Skarsgard starring in films like Good Will Hunting, Avengers, Thor, Breaking the Waves and the upcoming remake of Dune. He has yet to star in a Stephen King adaptation so I decided to Fancast a few roles that Stellan could take on as King’s adaptations continue to be green lit in Hollywood.

So here are a few notable characters from the Stephen King lexicon that I believe Stellan Skarsgard could play.

Leland Gaunt (Needful Things)


The primary antagonist of the book Needful Things, Leland Gaunt is the proprietor of the small shop who has an affinity for knowing the darkest secrets of the people of Castle Rock Maine. He manipulates them into performing cruel and sadistic acts on each other as he watches the town tear itself apart at the seams. Stellan Skarsgard has the perfect level of charm and detached emotion necessary to play the shopkeeper/demon.

Kurt Barlow (Salem’s Lot)


The master Vampire who terrorizes the town of Salem’s Lot, Kurt Barlow comes to the town as a foreign antiques dealer who opens a small shop in the town. Only a handful of citizens seem to notice that the people of the town start disappearing at night only to return as Vampires themselves. Stellan Skarsgard would be the perfect fit for a big screen remake of Salem’s Lot. He could definitely bring charm and sophistication to the role.

Father Callahan (Salem’s Lot, Wolves of the Calla, Song of Susannah, The Dark Tower)


One of the only survivors of King’s Vampire novel, Father Donald Callahan is infected by Vampire Kurt Barlow and becomes “unclean”. Unable to enter his church, he flees the town and winds up in New York where he works in a homeless shelter. Able to sense the presence of vampires, Callahan begins to hunt the creatures. His quest gets the attention of the Low Men, agents of the Crimson King and he finds himself in the world of Roland Deschain, the Gunslinger.

Lester Lowe (Cycle of the Werewolf)


The Baptist minister of King’s novella finds himself fighting for his sanity as he is revealed to be the werewolf stalking the town of Talker’s Mill Maine. Skarsgard has played complex characters before and a man conflicted by both his faith and the evil he’s committing in the world are right in Skarsgard’s wheelhouse.

Who do you think Stellan Skarsgard could play in the Stephen King universe. Let me know who and why in the comments below.

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