7oijBJjSHE0e2lMAnzvivg1t8KaJustice League vs The Fatal Five

Warner Brothers Animation/ DC Comics

Written by Eric Carrasco, Jim Krieg and Alan Burnett

Directed by Sam Liu

Starring Diane Guerrero, Kevin Conroy, Susan Eisenberg, George Newbern, Daniela Bobadilla, Kevin Michael Richardson, Elyes Gabels and Tara Strong

Rated PG-13

In the future, three members of the Legion of Super Heroes are trying to hold off an attack from the remaining members of the Fatal Five. When they are unable to stop them from entering their base, Brainiac Five sabotages the device they came for, a time machine. In an attempt to stop them from completing their mission, Star Boy leaps onto the device and completed the upload sequence as the device crashes to Earth. It’s intercepted by Superman who takes it to Mr. Terrific to study.


Star Boy wakes up in Gotham and is without the medication that keeps his mind in check and his memories intact. A run in with Batman finds the Legionnaire locked up in Arkham. When Superman and Terrific find out the truth behind the sphere, they allow the villains to escape and they cause havoc and destruction across the city as they search for “the key”, also known as Green Lantern Jessica Cruz. They plan to use Cruz to release Emerald Empress and Validus to reunite the Fatal Five.


From the subtle use of the theme song to the look and movement of the characters and actions, Justice League vs The Fatal Five wants the audience to know that this is the world created and curated by Bruce Timm and others. That is one of the best aspects of this film. The action is fantastic. The drama and acting are great as well. Everyone slips back into their roles with relish and skill. While I found a lot of Jessica’s storyline to be weak, her inclusion is a welcome addition to the team.


The Fatal Five are effective as foils in this film and they are more than a match for the League on many levels. It was great to see the characters really have to fight forces that can stand toe to toe with them. The addition of Mr. Terrific was great as well, but Miss Martian seemed wasted with the exception of the one scene where her psychic abilities were needed. Beyond an impressive, well-paced and entertaining film, Justice League vs The Fatal Five is the best example to both new viewers and fans that a revival of Justice League Unlimited is not only viable, but necessary to continue telling great stories like this one.

Justice League vs The Fatal Five




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