Justice League Dark #15

DC Comics

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Alvaro Martinez Bueno

Inks by Raul Fernandez

Colors by Brad Anderson

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: The Justice League Dark team will face a new team of opponents and Wonder Woman will discover who their true enemy is.


The team prepare to return to base and Kurt is still feeling the effects of his encounter with Klarion. When they return, Wonder Woman separates the team to begin investigating Circe and her plans. Swamp Thing goes to investigate the green and finds more than he bargained for in the form of Jason Woodrue. Klarion and Grundy go looking for Hecate’s forces still on the planet and Wonder Woman reveals her encounter with Zatarra in her dreams.

With the team separated, Diana reveals to Zatanna and Kent Nelson that she has been keeping some of the most dangerous magical items on the planet right under their feet including the stone of Eclipso. Knowing the danger of using the power, she and the others attempt to send Diana to the one place where she might be able to find Circe, but it might already be too late.

The Story: This is a solid story and this issue ramps up the tension and danger of what’s to come for the team. The dialogue is great and both the pace and tone of the story engage the reader in a plot with serious stakes for everyone involved. I like the fact that Diana and company are going on the offensive and it makes it even better reading to know Circe has anticipated this. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

The Art: Alvaro Martinez Bueno has some great art in this issue. There’s a dark tone to every page which works with the tone of the story.

Justice league dark #15




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