Justice League #50

DC Comics

Written by Simon Spurrier

Art by Aaron Lopresti

Inks by Matt Ryan

Colors by David Baron

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: Things come to a head when the invasion force gets closer to the planet and the League’s actions continue to turn the people against them.


The invasion fleet is getting closer and their weapons are able to hurt Superman. When Batman sends the planet’s fleet to help them, the heroes return to find that they are less and less welcome then before and because of that, Batman tries to convince the rest of the team that a certain level of control and manipulation of the populace might be in order to keep them in line.

Sensing something is wrong, Diana tries to confront Bruce, but he turns the defenses against her. Wonder Woman withdraws from a fight and seeks out the help of the two rescued children helping her research the planet’s history. When each child chooses a different faction to belong to, Diana sees the conflict building between the two of them and learns a terrible secret about the planet and its former ruler.

The Story: Boring, meandering and took way too long to get to the point it was unnecessarily stretching itself into to make. One of the biggest problems with this storyline and its execution is that the lesson was clearly laid out in the first part of the story. To have to endure watching these characters, who should be smart enough to know better, meander their way through unnecessary conflict to get to the same point is frankly insulting. The story just doesn’t do anything. If it had any compelling or interesting stakes for either the characters or the planet, the end reveal might have been good, but because the story was such a predictable, preachy mess, Diana’s actions in the end are meaningless.

The other big problem with this finale is that I just didn’t care about how it ended as long as it did.

The Art: Aaron Lopresti does what he can with the art in this issue, but he doesn’t have anything compelling or interesting to do within the confines of this story and it shows. Everything from the featureless aliens to the wrinkled slug creatures tells you that this story and anything within it is disposable so why waste time making anything visually memorable.

Justice League #50




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