Joy Operations #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Stephen Bryne

Colors by Stephen Byrne

Letters by Joshua Reed

The Rundown: A woman named Joy finds that she has unwittingly become part of a conspiracy to save the world.

A woman wakes up in a futuristic landscape unaware of where she is and what’s going on. When she finally starts to put the pieces together, she begins to more through the city until she finds herself looking at one of the most powerful people in the city. When she is confronted by a security creature who is unaware of her mission, the two begin to battle. In the aftermath, Joy finds herself standing before the local authorities and realizing that there is a voice speaking within her head.

As the voice tells Joy that they need to talk about her boss and how her boss plans to do something that will put multiple lives at risk, Joy decides that she needs to be locked away. Something the mysterious voice knows will only make things worse.

The Story: Bendis creates and interesting and engaging first issue with some interesting themes and an intriguing main character. The story is engaging and teases some more intense and interesting storytelling to come. I was impressed with the world building of this issue and the series itself and am interested in seeing where the story evolves from here.

The Art: Byrne delivers some awesome visuals throughout the issue. The futuristic look of the world is stunning and definitely draws the eye of the reader.

Joy Operations #1



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