Director Jon Favreau (Iron Man/ The Jungle Book) stars in the upcoming Star Wars spinoff film Solo: A Star Wars Story and he recently walked the red carpet and spoke about his upcoming Star Wars TV series.


In an Interview with Nerdist, Favreau revealed details of the new Star Wars series, specifically where it takes place during the timeline of the Star Wars Universe. There is a 30 year gap between Return of the Jedi and the first film in the new trilogy The Force Awakens. According to Favreau, the yet untitled Star Wars live action series will take place seven years after the events on Endor in Return of the Jedi.


This is an interesting time to set the series. One can only imagine the galaxy at that point in time. The remnants of the Empire would still be in place and there would more than likely be continued skirmishes between the forces of the slowly forming New Republic and the factions that will eventually create the First Order. Details are still being kept under wraps, but Favreau did say that the same motion capture technology used on The Jungle Book will be used to bring to life the alien characters that will be features in the series and that the series is already half written at this point. This means that production could begin on the new series as early as the end of this year.


The Jon Favreau Star Wars series is expected to launch the new Disney streaming service expected to release in Fall of 2019 along with Dave Filoni’s new animated series Star Wars Resistance.

What do you think of the new Star Wars series and its place in the timeline? What would you like to see from a new live action Star Wars series? Let me know in the comments below.


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