So this is some really interesting news coming out of Hollywood and the Disney camp.

According to an exclusive in Deadline, Disney has re-hired James Gunn to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol III.


Gunn was fired last July after old Tweets of his were unearthed and used to smear him. Disney president Alan Horn met with Gunn several times after the initial incident and Gunn’s public apology, finally standing by the initial decision to let Gunn go.

The Deadline article confirms that Gunn has been reinstated from sources at Disney and Gunn’s camps. The fallout of the firing has had a definite effect on the production of GOTG Vol III with the stars standing behind the fired director and Drax actor Dave Bautista looking to leave the franchise altogether out of loyalty.


There will definitely be controversy surrounding the return of Gunn to the director’s chair, but I’m glad Disney is giving the director the opportunity to complete his vision. With Gunn’s next production, The Suicide Squad, coming together for DC Comics and Warner Brothers, the third Guardians of the Galaxy will likely begin production after Suicide Squad’s completion.

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  • Josh

    March 15, 2019 - 1:33 pm


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