Recently, we were gifted with another glorious episode of The Mandalorian on Disney+ and this one introduced some new characters into the fold and began a budding romance between our intergalactic gunslinger and a lovely single mother living on a krill farm on the planet Sorgan.


The woman, named Omera, takes the character in after he and former shocktrooper Cara Dune team up to defend the town from raiders and an Imperial AT-ST Walker. They have some sweet interactions throughout the episode and Mando is tempted to stay until an assassination attempt reminds him of the danger he and the kid are in. As I watched the episode, I had some of the same questions the character did and some of them revolved around Omera.

Why is there an Imperial Walker on Sorgan?


The biggest reveal in the episode is that there is an Imperial AT-ST Walker that the Klatooinian raiders are using to terrify the locals and steal their “blue harvest”. Mando and Cara both question the presence of an Imperial walker on a planet with no space port, no industrial centers and no population density. What would have attracted the Empire to the planet beyond the seafood?

Where did Omera learn to shoot?


The only things that have been established about Omera on Sorgan are that she is a widow, single mother, resident of the Sorgan village, farmer and apparently, crack shot with a blaster. As established during both the initial raid of the farmlands and the training montage, the village has no weapons and the only person with shooting skills is Omera. Where did she learn how to shoot? It’s established that she lives in the village, but it’s never discussed whether she’s from the village.

A New Life


The audience aren’t the only ones who have acknowledged the chemistry between Mando and Omera. Even Cara Dune can see something is there and she tells him that he has a choice about whether to stay on the move or give it all up and settle down with Omera and the child. Even Omera tries to convince him that he has the choice to stay. Beyond her attraction to him, what would prompt her to try to convince the Mandalorian to lay down his arms and embrace a simpler life? Could it be that she made a similar choice?


There is so much we don’t know about Omera and the mystery of her is almost as compelling as what the Mandalorian looks like without his helmet on. Based on everything revealed in the episode, there are some theories I came up with regarding Omera.


Considering this series takes place 5 years after the fall of the Empire and that Omera’s daughter Winta looks to be between the ages of 8 and 10, I suspect that Omera is the reason the AT-ST made its way to Sorgan. An AT-ST walker is usually piloted by two people. It’s entirely possible that Omera was a member of the crew of this walker and that her co-pilot is the father of Winta. Knowing that their relationship would cause problems within the ranks of the Empire, the two could have fled on whatever ship they used to transport their walker.

Once they landed on Sorgan, Winta’s father could have been killed by the Klatooinian raiders and the AT-ST seized. The pregnant Omera could have been taken in by the farmers and raised her child on the planet. It’s reasonable to assume that her time in the Imperial military is where she learned to shoot (thank the maker she wasn’t a stormtrooper) and the peace she’s found on Sorgan is one of the reasons she connects with the bounty hunter and his charge. She can remember what life was like on the run with a child and wants to offer Mando some of the peace that she’s found.

All of this is speculation of course, but her presence was so compelling and left so many unanswered questions that it is likely that we will be seeing her again either this season or next.



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