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Season 1 Episode 2

Here Goes Nothing

Official Description- With his father out of action, Mark struggles to defend the city against an interdimensional invasion, joining forces with a team of teenage superheroes.

In the opener, we find Steve, and his stepson Matt, in London outside of Buckingham Palace. While they are sightseeing, in a callback to the previous episode, they are hit with less than lethal projectiles. It becomes a moment of personal connection for the two. Fear solidifies their bond.

The aftermath of the attack on Guardians HQ is then touched upon. Government authorities enter the facility and discover something disturbing. Omni-Man is found and taken to the Pentagon for care. Agents then visit Mark and Debbie, and the two are brought to the Pentagon to see him.

There, they meet with Donald Ferguson and Director Cecil Steadman of the Global Defense Agency. Cecil relays the information he has on the situation and Debbie makes a personal decision. Later, Donald and Cecil search for more answers. During their investigation, Detective Damian Darkblood is introduced.

When he discovers the fate of the Guardians of the Globe, and Washington, DC is attacked by the Flaxans, Mark decides to step in as a crime fighter. While on mission, he is introduced to Teen Team. The group then work to save the city.

At school, Mark discovers something surprising about a school mate. He learns to balance the relationship between old friends and new. And the Flaxans once again attack Washington, DC.

After a week of care, Omni-Man is able to return home, but is not yet ready to go back to work. Therefore, Mark goes on a solo mission to fight another mysterious stranger who wants to attack Earth. Later, when the Flaxans attack a final time, Teen Team is assisted by a powerful ally.

In the ending scene, Damian discusses his theory on the attack at the Guardians HQ. Cecil then orders an Global Defense Agency follow-up.

This fast pace episode contains a lot of content and character development. I really enjoy seeing hero work through the eyes of Mark. The viewer gets to go on psychological journey that deals with the fear and insecurities that he experiences in certain situations. And how he measures that with normal teenage drama. His future development will be highly interesting to watch.

I am also wildly fascinated with the portrayal of Omni-Man. He is presented as a protector of Earth, and a solid husband and father. Yet the chinks in this armor are being slowly chipped away. There are moments of anger, and several references to a questionable morality that may be easily dismissed at first glance. These incidents make me wonder whether the main event of Episode 1 is symptomatic of his nature, or if some other force is at work. Either way, I’m all in for this ride.

Invincible S01XE02



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