Icon and Rocket Season One #1

DC Comics/Milestone

Written by Reginald Hudlin

Art by Doug Braithwaite

Colors by Scott Hanna and Andrew Currie

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: A young woman will discover a secret and an opportunity to help her community.

An alien transport ship on its way home finds itself the victim of a terrorist plot. With no time to save the other inhabitants, one of the aliens makes it to an escape pod and finds himself in Georgia in the 1840s. When a slave couple looking for a chance at freedom comes across the ship they discover a child that they take and raise as their own.

In present-day Dakota city, the young woman named Raquel finds herself breaking into what she thinks is an abandoned mansion with her friends. Unfortunately for all of them they discovered that the home is occupied by Augustus Freeman. After showing the group his power and warning them what will happen if they tell anyone, they leave but Raquel returns with a proposal.

The Story: The first issue of Icon and Rocket does a good job of establishing character and history. Reginald Hudlin does a great job of creating and populating this world. The dialogue can be a little rough at times but the heart of the story is there and it’s engaging. I like the fact that the story is taking steps into different time periods and that moments adds some more depth to the character. The pacing is a little fast at times but the story is interesting enough to make me want to see more. I look forward to seeing how this story and its characters evolve.

The Art: Doug Braithwaite delivers some solid imagery throughout this first issue. The characters look great and there is a great attention to detail in the backgrounds and environment. A great-looking first issue.

Icon and Rocket Season One #1



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