Amazon’s paranormal anthology series Lore, based on the popular podcast of the same name, has cast another lead for the series. After casting former MMA fighter Cathal Pendred as Michael Cleary, a character from Irish folklore, Deadline and Screen Rant are announcing that Holland Roden has been cast as the female lead in the series from podcast creator Aaron Mahnke and Executive Produced by The Walking Dead‘s Gale Anne Hurd.


Roden will star as Cleary’s wife Bridget. A dressmaker in Ireland in the late nineteenth century, Bridget’s life becomes much improved with the invention of the sewing machine. She is able to become more liberated and successful, making more money than her husband and her financial and personal success draws suspicion from her husband when Bridget is more liberated with her ideas and opinions as well. This leads to Bridget having to take on the impossible task of proving to her husband and everyone else that she is the real Bridget and not a mystical changeling.


Roden is known for the role of Lydia Martin on the MTV series Teen Wolf as well as guest appearances on Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Community and Channel Zero.

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