Hellboy in Love #4

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Christopher Golden

Art by Matt Smith

Colors by Chris O’Halloran

Letters by Clem Robins

The Rundown: Hellboy and Anastasia are trapped in the past as the mystery of the cursed shadow creatures is revealed.

As Hellboy and Anastasia find themselves in the past uncovering the mystery of the two workers killed and cursed, Abe and Liz try to determine whether or not to tell the professor what Hellboy has been up to. IN the past, the pair discover that there is more to the story than the two dead men being cursed. Unfortunately, the man telling their story through puppetry is feeding off of it magically. Something he will not give up so easily.

As Hellboy and Anastasis look for a way to help the cursed men, one of them decides that vengeance is the only way he can get justice.

The Story: A fun, entertaining and romantic adventure from Golden. The banter between Hellboy and Anastasia continues to be fun and engaging. The adventure has some great thrills and I love how all of the elements come together to deliver an ending that is satisfying for all of the characters involved. I look forward to seeing how this series concludes with these characters.

The Art: Smith delivers some daring and fun art throughout the issue. I really enjoy the environments Smith creates with the visuals and the action is visually thrilling throughout.

Hellboy in Love #4



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