Haunt You to the End #2

Image Comics

Written by Ryan Cady

Art by Andrea Mutti

Colors by Andrea Mutti

Letters by Frank Cvetkovic

The Rundown: After their harrowing landing on the island, the expedition begins to explore.

After barely making it to the island alive, Shah and the rest of the team decide to have their first look around before he meets up with an old friend and takes them all to their base camp. While Matt stays behind with Shah to check out the mansion, Maddison and Gersh decide to lead a team to the abandoned derricks that saw their own share of death.

As Matt finds himself seeing both ghosts in the real world and in his dreams, he and Shah look through the decaying manor before finding out that there has been an incident on the derrick. An incident that will leave two of their team missing.

The Story: Cady crafts a haunting tale filled with great tension.  The mystery continues to be compelling and the characters intriguing as well. I love the secluded and isolated nature of the story and how the series is slowly building on the mystery with great character development and pacing. I really enjoy the cliffhanger the issue ends on and it definitely sparked my interest in seeing what happens next.

The Art: Mutti crafts some beautifully detailed art throughout the issue. The art does a brilliant job of capturing the ethereal nature of the story as well as its haunting elements.

Haunt You to the End #2



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