Sometimes you run across things on the Internet that get your attention for one reason or another.

Maybe you find them cute and endearing like puppies playing with babies or they’re disturbing train wrecks like someone purposely lighting a firecracker sticking out of their own butt. I’ll let you decide what category this video belongs in.

As I was going through my Google Alerts for stories to write about, I came across a music video titled ‘Batman’. The video is by Jaden Smith (son of Suicide Squad star and musician Will Smith). In it, he dons the famous (infamous?) Batsuit that he wore to both prom and the Kanye West/ Kim Kardashian wedding. As he receives a call from “Alfred”, he sheds his public persona and puts on the Batsuit to walk the streets of Hollywood taking on other people dressed as superheroes intercut with scenes of Jaden dancing (I won’t attempt to discuss the lyrics because I couldn’t understand them.)

So Jaden Smith’s ‘Batman’ video is now something that exists in the world. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

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