Guardians of the Galaxy Game Could be part of Marvel/Square Enix Deal

Ever since Marvel and Square Enix announced plans for a series of games to be developed based on Marvel properties, may have wondered what additional games would be added to the roster. We now have tentative confirmation about a new one.


While both Eidos and Crystal Dynamics are working on the already announced The Avengers Project, Kotaku and GameSpot are reporting that Eidos could be stepping back from the next Deus Ex game and taking on the Guardians of the Galaxy game for the developer. While there are no firm details about what kind of game it will be, Eidos has not denied Kotaku’s story when pressed for details.

With both Marvel and Square Enix leaning hard into focusing on The Avengers Project, the fact that they announced a “multi-game” partnership means that the wheels are turning on the rumor mill with everyone speculating about what could come next. It doesn’t hurt that the creative director for Marvel Games is Bill Rosemann, who was the editor for the 2008 run of the Guardians of the Galaxy comic.


This is a developing story and any additional news we receive will be reported to you.

What other projects do you think Square Enix and Marvel are working on? What games would you like to see from both groups? Let us know in the comments.

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