There have been some really significant moments in recent entertainment history and this year is no different.

The Academy Awards honor the best in cinema for the year and this year features several critically acclaimed dramas including Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread and so on, but this year features a slew of genre-based films in some of the biggest categories.

The Shape of Water


Guillermo Del Toro’s monster romance leads the pack in nominations this year with 13 including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress for Sally Hawkins, Best Supporting Actress for Octavia Spencer, Best Supporting actor for Richard Jenkins and Best Original Screenplay. A film that could have easily been dismissed as another genre film is showing audiences and the academy that high concept fantasy like The Shape of Water can work theatrically.

Get Out


Jordan Peele’s self-proclaimed Social Thriller has been touted by critics and audiences as a triumph and the Academy is recognizing that fact as well. Get Out has been nominated for Best Picture, Daniel Kaluuya has been nominated for Best Actor and Peele has been nominated for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. This is Peele’s first screenplay and first time directing a feature film.



Logan’s nomination is significant because not only is it a superhero movie, but it is one of the first superhero films to be recognized outside the category of visual effects. Logan is nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay.

So it looks like the Academy is starting to branch out and recognize films that are outside of the traditional genres that they usually nominate. It should be interesting to see if that trend continues into the future.




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