Game of Thrones


Season 8 Episode 3

The Long Night

Tensions are frayed and everyone in Winterfell has been taken to their emotional edge as the war against the dead is about to begin. The plan to lure the Night King out of hiding and have him go after Bran depends on holding the line long enough for Dany and Jon to draw him out. But you know what they say about the best laid plans.


The Battle of Winterfell will find the Dothraki, the Unsullied, the defenders of the North and everyone willing and able to fight standing in opposition to the dead and when the battle begins, the forces of the living will discover that the Night King has quite a few trips up his sleeve. Tricks that will show the living that nowhere is safe from the army of the dead.

The first two episodes of this season did exactly what they set out to do; get all of the player pieces on the board before the battle of Winterfell was to begin. We’ve had all the talking, reminiscing and reveals that we need at this point and this episode becomes about the one thing we’ve been waiting for; the battle.


This was a long and brutal episode that had a great ebb and flow to it that left the audience both hopeful and fearful at the same time. Watching certain moments put you through the emotional ringer as plans unfold and fall apart, characters improvise and the intellect of the Night King is put on full display to everyone. Characters are redeemed, beloved characters fall and the drama of each death is presented perfectly to the viewer.


The Battle of Winterfell was epic in both scope and scale and beautifully shot. There are people who are complaining that it was too dark, but my TV is calibrated so I didn’t miss anything. From the charge of the Dothraki hoard to the lighting of the trenches, everything looked amazing and it was paced in a way that made every moment thrilling and left your eyes glued to the screen. An amazing achievement on the screen with an emotional and pitch perfect ending.

Game of Thrones S08XE03




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