Future State Immortal Wonder Woman #1

DC Comics

Written by Becky Cloonan & Michael Conrad and LL McKinney

Art by Jen Bartel and Alitha Martinez

Ink by Mark Morales

Color by Emilio Lopez

Letters by Pat Brosseau and Becca Carey

The Rundown: With an imminent threat looming, Diana must find a way to save an important ally, and her fellow Amazons. After facing off against an old nemesis, Nubia learns she must stop the reconstruction of a powerful artifact.

Set in the distant future, we find Diana in a deserted Batcave. She thinks of her dear friend and days long past. After retrieving a memento, she sets off to Themyscyra where she seeks to care for an old friend, and rally the Amazons. In the meantime, Darkseid has a deadly encounter on Apokolips that prompts him to return to Earth. Upon arrival, he is met by Diana and her allies.

This story is set in a much nearer future, where the world of men still flourishes. Nubia stops attempts to stop a robbery, but when she grabs the intended valuable, she is immobilized by visions in her mind, and thief escapes. Needing answers, Nubia seeks out her Aunt Nancy. She then learns of the immense danger the theft has caused. She must find a way to stop the thief from causing immense destruction.

The Story: I was immediately drawn to the language used in the story. The writers do a brilliant job. The narration is beautifully written. The reader is immediately thrust into the weary and reminiscent mind of Diana as she navigates a world in ruin.

The mood constantly changes as we are introduced to multiple situations and characters. Diana is surrounded by devastation and war, and I am intrigued as to whether she will be able to accomplish her ultimate goal.

Gods and magic are never far from Wonder Woman, and you will find no difference here. But this is not Diana. This is her sister Nubia. She doesn’t have the same world weariness or stricture in tone. It’s that palpable difference in demeanor that makes me so excited to know about Nubia’s story. LL McKinney tells this story in a way that begs the question, “What does it mean to be Wonder Woman?”

The Art: The colors set the tone of each situation. Shifting from severe dark colors, to bright and impressionism inspired shades works really well. It allows the reader to acclimate themselves to the scene. And in a comic with swift transitions, that grounding in hue reminds the reader the magnitude of what’s at stake with each turn.

The colors are fairly muted and modern. This is a story set in a big city at night and the pallet speaks to that. The action sequences are captivating and intriguing. Nubia is gorgeously drawn by Alitha Martinez, and the site of her large tightly coiled hair in various states is a site for sore eyes. Representation matters, and there is an unapologetic and purposefulness here that should not be overlooked.

Future State Immortal Wonder Woman #1



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