NBC and the other networks are gearing up for the up fronts tomorrow and the network has decided to release the trailers for some of their upcoming shows to gather support.

One of those shows is one that I wrote about last week called Manifest. From the trailer, it looks like an interesting premise with elements of Lost and Stephen King’s The Langolier’s thrown into the mix. It will be interesting as well to see if the central mystery at the heart of the series is enough to sustain it for a full season, let alone more than one. Take a look at the first trailer and tell me what you think.

Josh Dallas stars in the series as one of a group of passengers on a flight who experience severe turbulence during the trip only to come out of it and reach their destination and discover that the world has moved ahead five years. As they return to friends and family who presumed they were dead, a deeper mystery begins to form.

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