Final Beauty and the Beast Trailer Released Absent A Key Element

I will tell you all right now in the interest of full disclosure, I cannot be objective about Beauty and the Beast. It was then and continues to be my favorite Disney animated film. When the live action adaptation was announced, I was excited. I look forward to seeing this film come to theaters, but there is one thing in the trailer that is obviously missing.

Where is the music?

The movie, and more specifically this trailer, seems to go out of its way to show sequences that would be underscored by the musical numbers found throughout the film. From the opening number “Belle” to an obvious snippet of a scene with Lumiere (Ewan McGregor) singing “Be Our Guest”, there is a noticeable absence of the film’s soundtrack in this trailer. As much as I understand the desire to showcase the updated version of the song “Beauty and the Beast” performed by Ariana Grande and John Legend, it is strange that a musical would not showcase any of the actual music in the trailer. Could it be that the producers aren’t confident in how it will be received?


Regardless, I know that I will be in my seat to see this movie when it is released March 17, 2017.

Let us know what you think.

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