750654._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Fantastic Four #9

Marvel Comics

Written by Dan Slott

Art by Aaron Kuder, Stefano Caselli and Paco Medina

Colors by Erick Arciniega

Letters by Joe Caramagna

Susan Storm has had enough of Doom’s posturing and is going to show the despot that she isn’t without power as she exposes him on his live feed. His embarrassment and surprise gives the rest of the team enough time to break out of their traps and get back to Reed’s plan to stop Doom from siphoning power directly from Galactus.


Back at home, Alicia and her family are on the hunt for the missing Nathaniel Richards. When they discover that he’s close by and has made a new friend, they are relieved. Right up until the moment they discover that the new friend has a pack of little demons at her command.

Back in Latveria, the Fantastic Four have to use Doom’s weapons to free Galactus from Mount Doom. When Doom and his forces arrive, Victor is determined to make them all pay for both embarrassing him and freeing Galactus, especially Susan.

Love what Dan Slott has done in this issue and with this storyline. He gives all the characters great moments throughout and both the pacing and the dialogue in this issue works really well. Susan is given such a badass moment in this issue and it cements her position as the matriarch of this group. Love seeing how these characters evolve and Slott letting Susan show Doom how is satisfying.

The art is fantastic throughout the issue and all the artists do an amazing job of moving the story forward with their complementary styles.

fantastic four #9




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