Falcon and Winter Soldier #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Derek Landy

Art by Federico Vicentini

Colors by Matt Milla

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: The fight for HYDRA’s leadership takes another twist and Sam and Bucky teach a lesson.

As Veronica leaves Falcon and Winter Soldier in the murderous hands of the Natural, she finds herself face to face with her rival for the leadership of HYDRA, Zemo. The Baron is not pleased with this challenger to his leadership and decides to take her out of the equation, but Veronica is not easily brought down.

As Bucky and Sam take on the Natural, they decide that the best way to possibly save this kid from becoming a bigger threat than he actually is will be to teach him what it’s like to lose and see what kind of person he becomes from the experience. As the fight spills out into the streets, all four combatants have to decide what they’re going to do next and Bucky mulls over bringing down HYDRA once and for all the only way he can.

The Story: Landy brings this story to a satisfactory conclusion with a mixture of humor and heart. The comedy beats are well done and the character moments are filled with introspection without losing focus on the story. A great conclusion that establishes and reaffirms the friendship between Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes while also reminding the reader how influential Steve Rogers can be even without his physical presence.

The Art: Vicentini knocks it out of the park with the art. The style is perfect for this type of story and its mix of huge action and humor. I really enjoyed the look of this issue especially its action and character designs.

Falcon and Winter Soldier #5



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