The reboot culture is alive and well as Paramount Pictures in developing a remake of a John Woo classic.

According to Deadline, Paramount Pictures and producers David Permut and Neal Moritz are developing a remake of the sci-fi action film Face/Off. The original film, directed by John Woo, premiered in 1997 and told the story of FBI agent Sean Archer and his nemesis Castor Troy. John Travolta played Archer in the original and the FBI agent is obsessed with hunting Troy, played by Nicolas Cage, for the murder of his son.


After capturing Troy, Archer discovers that the psycopath has hidden a bomb. In order to find out where the bomb is, Archer must undergo experimental surgery that will switch his face with that of Troy and allow him to enter Troy’s world to gather information. Unbeknownst to Archer, Troy wakes up with his face and proceeds to taunt the agent by assuming his identity and his life.

Oren Uziel, whose credits include 22 Jump Street, The Cloverfield Paradox and the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film will write the script. The original Face/Off brought in $245 million dollars at the global box office.

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