862291._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Excellence #9

Image Comics

Written by Brandon Thomas

Art by Khary Randolph

Colors by Emilio Lopez

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: If Spencer is going to take down the Aegis, he is going to need help.

Spencer continues his plan even with all eyes on him. His next stop is the Aegis Repository of Knowledge where he decides to look through the history of the organization for things and people they don’t want him to know about. His bold moves bring on trouble and he finds himself having to fight his way out against impossible odds, but salvation comes from an unlikely source.


At the same time, while more forces are at work behind the scenes, Spencer will remember a moment from his childhood that could change everything about his relationship with his father.

The Story: This is another test of both Spencer’s power and his resolve and it is executed brilliantly. There is tension throughout and Brandon Thomas does an awesome job of building that tension with both the narration and the progression of the story. Things are getting more difficult for the characters, Spencer especially and the mystery he is uncovering is engaging. What is even more interesting is what he is planning next and how that will effect his world. I’m excited to see where this story goes next.

The Art: Khary Randolph produces some beautiful art in this issue. There are some great camera angles throughout that perfectly capture the tone and the tension of the moments. There is an immediacy and energy to the action as well and I found myself going over whole passages just to follow the action in the panels.

Excellence #9




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