Essentially Strange: The Best Doctor Strange Stories Part 2

To Have Loved….And Lost!


Our next issue is from Volume 2, Issue 55 of Doctor Strange. Originally published in October of 1982, this story was written by Roger Stern and pencilled by Michael Golden

Dr. Strange has locked himself in the Sanctum Sanctorum after the loss of Clea. He is then visited by Dakimh the Mystic who takes his astral form on a vision quest a la It’s A Wonderful Life to a world where Stephen was never trained in the mystic arts. When he awakes, he is in a straightjacket, confined to an insane asylum.

He is being convinced that he is a mental patient and everyone he knows are either fellow patients or staff. He escapes from the hospital and into a world where Dr. Strange is a fictional character. Can Stephen put back the pieces of his fractured mind and reclaim the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme? Check it out and tell me what you think.


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