672800._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Doctor Strange #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Jesus Saiz

Letters by Joe Sabino

Stephen Strange continues his journey throughout the galaxy to find a way to recharge his connection to magic and his new partner Kanna has been helping him find new and powerful artifacts as well as giving him access to powerful mentors that help him find new ways to access magic. Strange is enjoying his time in space and chronicling his journey. All is going well until they decide to head to the planet Tarmax II.


Kanna has a lead on another wizard who could help Strange. An ex-boyfriend who happens to be a Skrull. Strange has to explain to her why Skrulls and humans do not get along and they decide to use a cloaking spell to check out the planet before confronting the wizard. The interlude works really well to establish an interesting look at Skrull society and when Strange comes upon the wizard, he sees that the Skrull has something that could change the universe itself if the Super-Skrull can find a way to use it, the time stone

In order for Strange to succeed, he might have to compromise who he is as well as using a bit of sleight of hand to try to both defeat the Skrull and escape with the Infinity Stone. Saiz drew some awesome panels in the fight between the Super-Skrull and Strange and it does a great job of showcasing Strange’s mastery of the gem.

The story continues to gain momentum and there are some really interesting moments, especially when Strange has to use manipulation to get what he want from Kanna. It’s a pretty dirty trick he pulls, but necessary in his opinion. Waid is really good at amplifying the drama in the issue and Saiz’ art is great. The end of the issue looks like it is going to showcase the cost Strange’s trip is costing on Earth when a mystery man shows up at the Sanctum Sanctorum.

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