Walt Disney Studios is remaking another of its animated classics and this one is coming to Disney Plus.


According to The Hollywood Reporter and other sources, Disney is remaking the classic 1973 animated feature Robin Hood for its streaming service Disney Plus. Blindspotting director Carlos Lopez Estrada will direct the project with a script being written by Kari Granlund who wrote the script for the live action remake of Lady and the Tramp.


Dumbo and Tron: Legacy producer Justin Springer will produce the film which was unique for its original take on the legend with anthropomorphic animals serving as the main characters including Robin Hood being a fox and Little John being a bear. The new film is said to follow that same formula with a mixture of CG and live action.

The new film will be a musical as well so the Oscar nominated song “Love” and the catchy tune “Oo De Lally” are expected to be featured. The project is in early development so no release date has been given.

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