After announcing that a live action Kim Possible movie was being made, many speculated on who would be playing the high school super spy. Today we got our cast list for the upcoming film.


The creators of the original animated series, Emmy winners Mark McCorkle, Josh Cagan and Bob Schooley, are returning to write the screenplay for the live action Kim Possible film as well as serve as executive producers on the project.

Sadie Stanley has been cast in the lead role as unstoppable super spy Kim Possible. Stanley previously appeared in the TV series Game Shakers. This will be her first starring role.

Sean Giambrone will take on the role of Kim’s loyal friend and partner Ron Stoppable. Giambrone has lent his voice to animated features like The Emoji Movie, but he is known primarily for his role as Adam Goldberg on the popular comedy series The Goldberg’s.

Alyson Hannigan has been cast in the role of Kim’s mother Dr. Ann Possible. Hannigan is well known for her roles in popular series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, How I Met Your Mother and movies like the American Pie series.

Erika Tham will take on the role of Kim’s fellow cheerleader and frenemy Bonnie. Tham is featured on the Canadian series Make it Pop.


Todd Stashwick will take on the role of the villain Dr. Drakken. Stashwick is currently starring on the series 12 Monkeys and is known for roles in series like Gotham, Criminal Minds and Heroes.

Taylor Ortega will take on the role of Drakken’s assistant and henchwoman Shego. Ortega has appeared in series like Seeking Sublet and JonTron.

Kim Possible is set to debut on Disney Channel in 2019.

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