Detective Comics #1058

DC Comics

Written by Mariko Tamaki

Art by Amancay Nahuelpan

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: With the tragedy of Arkham Tower coming to an end, Batman and his allies deal with the aftermath and its effects on the city.

In the wake of the tragedy at Arkham Tower, Deb Donovan is writing her story while she waits for some special guests to give her the final pieces of the puzzle. Those guests arrive in the form of Batman and Batwoman. Without revealing too much, Donovan’s story reveals the truth behind Dr. Wear and his scheme with the tower as well as his drug selling scheme with the Gotham Underworld. At the same time, a leader of that underworld decides to send his crew after the real person responsible for keeping the patients in check.

In the aftermath, Batman and his team go after Penguin’s goons and move into a new base of operations. Chase Meridian is given control of a new project and a new patient seeks help. Batman offers a former foe a new beginning and Gotham City receives a transmission from a new radio host. A host who has a question to ask the city.

The Story: Tamaki brings this arc to a satisfying conclusion that wraps up all the necessary story elements in a way that keeps the tone and spirit that made the arc so compelling in the first place. There isn’t a lot of action in the plot, but the moments of resolution are definitely worth reading because of what they mean for the characters going forward.

The Art: Nahuelpan delivers some great art in the issue. The characters look great and the dialogue focused story allows for their designs to be utilized beautifully.

Detective Comics #1058



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