Decorum #1

Image Comics

Written by Jonathan Hickman

Art by Mike Huddleston

Letters by Russ Wooton

The Rundown: A courier with her back against the wall will take on a delivery that puts her in the path of death and adventure.

In a new and unknown future, Neha Sood is tasked with a simple delivery that promises a huge pay day if she gets it to its final destination on time. Wary of who she’s working for, but in desperate need of the money, she agrees and sets out to deliver the package that can only be opened by the recipient.


At the same time, a local underworld figure is greeted by a mysterious representative of the Syndicate Major who has a message for him. When Neha arrives, the representative shows what is in the package the young woman delivered and chaos ensues leaving Neha stunned and the assassin she helped pondering her fate.

The Story: Hickman delivers a story filled with action, adventure and intrigue. Filled with pages explaining the world he is creating in this series, Hickman gives both a world view of his creation while also centering the story on the characters. Neha is an interesting character and her motivations are laid out in a way that makes her journey one worth following. Her relationship with the assassin Imogen promises to be something unique and entertaining. I can’t wait to see where this story goes and how intricate and engaging the world of this comic can be.

The Art: Mike Huddleston’s art is unique and beautiful and the style is perfect for this story. I love the way Huddleston both frames a scene and how the panels progress the story with tension and detail. Brilliant artwork throughout this first issue.

Decorum #1




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